Swatches designed by 
Evan Bobrow and Maddy Underwood


Rathaus works with a wide variety of clients on many different projects, we pride ourselves on being communicative and flexible during the print process. We offer 13 riso colors and stock several papers, with the option to order any stock you are interested in. Time for orders is variable based on your deadline, but rush jobs can be completed in as little as 2 days + shipping. Feel free to reach out to evan@rathaus.press with any questions on your order!


Basic Print Rates*:
$20 per color (50 prints, up to 11x17)
$30 per color (100 prints, up to 11x17)

*Additional fees such as paper cost, rush jobs, set up, trimming, and binding may apply depending on your project.  
Unit price continues to decrease at higher volumes, final print cost depends on your project

Fill out the order form or email evan@rathaus.press to receive a quote within 2 business days.

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Project out of your price range? ask about distribution style commissions.

What is Risograph?

A Risograph printer is a stencil duplicator. It is capable of printing in many colors, but only one at a time. Each color has a specific ink drum that is loaded into the machine. The image itself is burned onto a rice paper master and then wrapped around the drum, where ink is then pushed through it (similar to screen printing). The process is often described as a cross between screen printing and photocopying.

Risograph duplicators are used for a variety of things, from office settings to zines, flyers, books, posters, and art prints. Because they use a soy based ink, the process is cheaper long term and more environmentally sustainable.

About Us

Rathaus Press was founded by Evan Bobrow in 2021 in Rochester, NY. Evan has been operating risograph printers since 2019- primarily as a resident of Flower City Arts Center; and has been working in small press since 2015. In addition to being a for hire print shop our goal is to create space for community members to develop their work. Print is a way to democratize information and elevate artists by making their work be seen. We want to give artists who have not had opportunities in the art world the chance for their voices to be heard.